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Art Ring Making Tutorial

Free Tutorial on Making an Art Ring

Art Ring Making - Free Tutorial

This free video tutorial shows in detail and easy to follow steps how to make this Art Ring and shows you:

  • - Shape ring and solder plates
  • - Accurate drilling
  • - Decorative cup disks 
  • - Riveting
  • The ring in this tutorial can be made in a standard smithing workshop. You will need:
  •  - Metal : silver or gold or other
  •  - One 4mm round gemstones
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Making an Art Ring - Bend metal round Solder plates on
Bend a strip of metal round and solder 2 plates on either side.
Art Ring Making - Accurate Drilling with Mini Drill Press
Drill holes through both plates, accurately aligned. 
Art Ring Making Tutorial - Make Cup Disks
Drill holes and use disk cutter to make the round disks. 
Art Ring  Making Tutorial - Finished Components
The drilled ring, polished domed cups and 2mm wire ready for riveting. 

To make this Art Ring you firstly bend the metal strip round. Cut the ends of the metal strip off with a saw to form a straight neat joint. The ring is then soldered together and then filed to a taper. One side is soldered with a plate and then pierced out. The same is done on the other side. Then holes must be drilled accurately through both sides. The Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press makes this task much easier. The drill press is also used to drill holes in a plate. Circles are then punched out with a disk cutter and domed. These domed cups are riveted to the sides of the ring. Optional is to add an oval bead set with a gemstone with the rivet wire going through the bead.

Art Ring Making Centre Gemstone Bead

An optional design feature is the oval bead set with an emerald that is is added in the center bar of the Art Ring.

Art Ring Making Centre Gemstone Bead

The jewelers mini drill press makes drilling tasks much easier on the bench.

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A video on how to modify pliers used for holding the decorative domed cups when drilling with the Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press.

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