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Gravity Soldering Clamp

Making a Gravity Soldering Clamp from Nails

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DIY Gravity Soldering Clamp

Sometimes you need something just to hold a component in place while you solder it in.

In this case, binding wire is not really suitable, because the component is only 0.7 mm thick.

Using a set of spring tweezers holds it down to hard and causes dents in the surface of the component.

Using 4 inch nails to make gravity soldering clamp

So I take some 4 inch nails.

Gravity soldering clamp made from nails with heads removed

Cut the nail heads off .

One can also use a 6 mm piece of steel rod instead.

DIY Tool making a gravity soldering clamp from nails

Soldering the nails together.

I just lie the nail so that it touches the two bottom ones.

That way I don't have to solder too much and the bottom two are held tightly.

DIY gravity soldering clamp nails soldered together

I use an industrial flux I buy at the hardware store and some silver solder.

Gravity Soldering Clamp with nail bent to press straight down

Then I bent the nail so that it presses straight down.

Gravity soldering clamp in use

Here is my big one working.

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