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How to Make a Seamless Metal Dish

Making Seamless Metal Dish of Various Shapes

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Making Seamless Dish

Sometimes it is necessary to have solder-less dishes also called lockets because the design requires it, or the metal cannot be bench soldered as is the case with titanium. I experimented with different shapes and different metals to test the results.

Below, I show step by step, how I made these seamless metal dishes.

Making Seamless Dish Steel Rods and Disk

Basically you need two rods of steel the same diameter and in this picture I used some scrap brass plate.

Making Seamless Dish align rods

Then the brass is aligned up like in the picture.

Making Seamless Dish Clamp in Vice

All aligned, the steel rods and the brass plate is clamped into the vice. 

Making Seamless Dish Tap with Punch

Then the outer lip is tapped over using a punch, like this.

Making Seamless Dish Tapped Over

Tapped all the way over.

Making Seamless Dish Titanium

Then I took a piece of 1 mm titanium and did the same thing

Seamless lockets

There you have seamless lockets made in brass and titanium.

Making Seamless Square Dish

So then I decided to see if a square dish would work.

Making Seamless Square Dish Tap with punch

Logic told me the corners would tear.

Making Seamless Square Dish COrners

Weird thing is the corners
didn’t tear, but formed little horns.

Making Seamless Square  Dish Titanium

So after the brass was trimmed, I did the same to experiment with a square  titanium shape.

Naturally the titanium was a bit harder and I annealed it a couple of more times than the brass. It worked out OK.

Making Seamless  Square Titanium Locket

And here is the seamless titanium square dish / locket.

Now it stands to reason that one could make pretty much any form is steel and then make a seamless bowl, given enough taps with your punch.

So I am quite chuffed that it worked. I can see this method could be used to make gem stone collets or odd shaped tubes in difficult to solder metals like titanium.

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