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How To Make Silver Solder

Make Your Own Easy Silver Solder

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How to Make Silver Solder

This tutorial will show you how to make a general silver solder with a low melting point (easy). I use this type of solder extensively for my sculpture work.

This free jewelry tutorial follows the same format as in the paid for pdf jewelry tutorials. This gives you a good insight into the to technical teaching methodology.

How to Make Silver Solder Formula

Solders are divided into hard ( the highest melting temperature), medium and easy,( the lowest melting temperature.

The hard solders also contain the most of the precious metal, and therefore match the color of the parent metal more closely.

The easy solders contain the least so they tend to deviate quite allot from the parent metal color.

This solder I use as a general solder for soldering brass and copper where the color match is not very important.

I start with the proportions as shown in the picture. The zinc is bent so I can pick it up easier.

How to make silver solder heat mold

I first heat up the mold ingot so that there is no moisture residue left from the gas flame.

How to make silver solder soot ingot mold

And soot the ingot up so that the cast bar will not adhere to the ingot.

How to make silver solder melt silver first

Once the silver is melted, I add the copper.

This causes the silver melting temperature to be lowered, which is what I want because I want to add the zinc last.

Zinc has a very low melting point.

How to make silver solder mix copper and silver

I mix the silver and copper very well using a carbon stirring rod.

How to make silver solder cool metal mixture

Here I am letting the solution cool down to just before it becomes a solid.

In other words, I want to add the zinc at the lowest possible temperature.

If the zinc is added at a too a high temperature, it will combust and start burning.

This then causes the alloy to be incorrect, because the zinc has burnt away.

How to make silver solder add zinc

I add the first piece of zinc and then stir thoroughly.

Then I add the next piece and stir again,

The melting point of the solution is lowered every time zinc is added.

How to make silver solder melt zinc

By the third and last piece of zinc, and after stirring thoroughly, the solution is ready to be poured into the ingot.

How to Make Silver Solder Pour Metal Ingot Mold

Pouring into the ingot.

Here I show how to make this Adjustable Ingolt Mold.

How to make silver solder wire

This bar will now be rolled into wire or plate, depending on what is needed.

This is a video demonstration on How to Make Easy Silver Solder.

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