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Making Ring in a Ring

Making a Ring in a Ring Tutorial  - US$30

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Making a Ring in a Ring Tutorial

This instruction comes with easy to follow pictorials and detailed illustrations which shows you:

  • - Forming inner and outer ring
  • - Making concealed hinge
  • - Making locking catch
  • - Precision soldering 
  • This tutorial can be made in a standard smithing workshop. You will need:
  •  - Metal : silver or gold or other
  •  - Gemstones optional

You will receive :

  • -- 66 Pictures and illustrations
  • -- 33 Pages of detailed instructions
  • -- Personalized tips on tools and techniques
Soldering process for fitting a ring in a ring
Soldering process
Riveting the titanium ring
Riviting the titanium ring

In this jewelry tutorial you will be making a hidden ring in a ring. The outer ring opens up with a hinge. Both rings can be worn separately as shown in the image.

This is an interesting and challenging project to complete. Many techniques like controlled soldering, accurate filing tolerances, hinges, rivets and making a locking catch are applied to make these rings.

This project is suited for the intermediate to advanced level metalsmith. It leaves a large scope for you to add your own style and design elements.

Jewelry Tutorial - Animation of soldering process
This Animation GIF Image illustrates the solder preparation on a flat surface ring before soldering takes place onto a plate. Placing pieces of solder and with a circular motion heating up the metal until the solder just melts.
Another method of coin setting by burring out a frame

The hinged outer ring reveals  the innner ring

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