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Hello fellow metalsmithers,

Here we are, starting with renewed vigor, enthusiasm and full of new design ideas. One circle completed, ready to start another.

Circles remain an effervescent design theme in jewelry. We have over the years completed many commission projects in that style. Here are a few examples.

This Newsletter Edition covers the circle as jewelry design inspiration
Circle Jewelry Designs

Below is a free jewelry tutorial on metal compression. It is an interesting technique to explore using titanium, copper silver and gold.  

Free Jewelry Tutorial - Metal Compression

There are several new jewelry tutorials available. Here are a few highlights.

Circle Ring Design

This is a unique design with the shank made of jump rings and the decorative circle collet is pierced out of plate.

Circle Ring Design Making Tutorial - US$27
The circle ring made of jump rings
Jump ring form the shank.
Setting of the decorative circle collet
Setting of gemstone in circle ring. 
Circle Collet pierced out of plate shaped 17 Degrees

Center Circle Collet

The circles in this collet are entirely pierced out and require only one solder joint to form the cone shape. The bottom section of this collet is then soldered on afterwards. The circle collet forms part of the circle ring tutorial but is also a stand alone tutorial over here.

The decorative circle collet pierced out of plate. The collet forms part of the circle ring tutorial but is also a stand alone tutorial over here.

Rounde Bezel Solitaire Ring

This ring is a sleek eurocentric style which emphasizes the gemstone in a rounded bezel setting as focal point.   

Rounded Bezel Solitaire Ring Jewelry Lesson - US$25

Halo Cluster Ear Studs

The halo design requires layout planning, precision filing and accurate drilling to achieve a balanced design.

Making Halo Cluster Earring Studs - US$25

These are new video additions on annealing wire and a trick on how to drill straight holes.

Tool Tips :

As of late I've been using these lock tweezers for delicate soldering jobs. A normal spring tweezer has too much tension, which tends to deform thin metal when it is hot. With these locking tweezers the tension can be adjusted – very, very gently if need be. I bend the tip like a spring tweezer. You can find these at jewelry tool suppliers called gem lock tweezers. They are generally of better quality and thus last a long time.

Metalsmith Corner :

Rose Pendant made by Lisa A.
Rose Pendant made by Lisa A.

Lisa wrote to us :
"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your rose earring tutorial. I found it to be very complete and easy to follow. It's nice to have this option to add to various pieces. I modified it to contain a center stone and made a pendant; see the attached a photo.
Again, thank you for sharing your skills.
Best Regards,
Lisa A "


Lisa, I love how professional you finished off your pendant and how pretty the center gemstone looks. Really super!!!


Thanks to all for your support, sharing and active participation. Enjoy your creative time in your workshop. 

My very best regards,

Hans Meevis

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