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Dear Metalsmith Friends,

There was an amazing amount of interest and orders in the Drill-Str8 and we want to thank you one and all.
We have been shipping all over the world.

Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press Shipment

If any of you missed the launch of the Drill-Str8 Jewelers Bench Drill Press, then you can find more information of the specifications, pricing and shipping over here.

We are further exploring possibilities of combining the PDF tutorials with short linked video clips that explain certain motions or techniques more clearly.

With this in mind, we have made a longer video showing the making of a ring.

Our main focus still remains with concise and easy to follow jewelry making tutorials, but we feel that short linked clips might enhances the overall experience. We had some problems with our video uploads. Sorry about the quality. Next time it will be better.
We would love to know your thoughts on this.

We are offering this free video tutorial on making this art ring shown below. 

Take note that it is quite possible to use your flex shaft handpiece by hand to drill the holes but the mini drill press does make the process so much easier.

On several occasions we were asked to add more tutorials on collet making in particular for oval gemstones.
Here are a couple of new tutorials -

Oval Six Prong Collet Tutorial

This instruction shows how to make a standard oval 6 prong collet which is an important skill to master as metalsmith as oval gems are often used in designs and they vary greatly in size and culet depth.

Oval Six Prong Collet Tutorial - US$18

Solid Domed Solitaire Ring Tutorial

With this traditional domed ring design 8 prongs are filed out of the solid dome shape ending in half moon shapes as setting in this solitaire style ring.

Solid Domed Solitaire Ring Tutorial - US$25

The Solid Domed Solitaire Ring is made out of one thick metal bar. This video shows how to bend a heavy metal bar round when you don't have a swage block.

In a workshop, tools are there to make the task easier. Don't be afraid to modify tools to suit your needs and make the task at hand easier and more efficient. Here I have modified pliers to bend prongs / claws back on the Solid Domed Solitaire Ring. They can also be used to hold pearl cups easily. ( cup shaped objects are always difficult to hold and finish off easily)

It's that time of the year where we really get down and dirty behind the bench with deadlines approaching. Cooler weather makes the studio all the more cosy to work in. We wish you many creative and inspirational hours behind the bench.

Kindest regards,

Hans Meevis

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