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Setting Collet Holder Tool

Collet Holder - A Tool for Setting

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Collet Holder Setting Tool

A diy setting tool to help hold the collet when setting prongs. This method works for setting diamonds in a collet and for setting single collet ear studs.
For a jewelry piece with collets already soldered in place, the wooden stick would be shaped to fit the jewelry piece.

Collet Holder Setting Tool - Hollow out dowel stick

A setting stick is very handy to have if one has to set individual collets.

I just make them out of a hardware store dowel stick and I use a ball frazer to hollow the stick out.

Collet Holder Setting Tool - Grooves for hooking onto bench peg

The two grooves are there for hooking onto the bench peg.

Collet Holder Setting Tool - Hold collet with thermo plastics

I use thermo plastic to hold the collet firmly in place.

Thermo plastic is heated up in hot water.

It then becomes very pliable and is moulded around the collet.

When I cools down it becomes hard again.

Once the stone is set, the plastic is heated up again and removed.

Collet Holder Setting Tool - Makes fitting gemstone easier

Because the collet is held in place with the thermo plastic in the setting tool, it allows for more precise placing of the stone.

Collet Holder Setting Tool - Working on collet with prong pliers

I use modified prong pliers shown here, to bend each individual claw back.

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