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Soldering Pins On Relief Objects

Solder and Peening Pins on Relief Objects - US$18

PDF Dowload will be emailed 4-12 hours after purchase.
Soldering Pins on relief Objects

This instruction comes with easy to follow instructions and detailed pictures which covers:

  • - Piercing and obeject placement 
  • - Preparing pin for solder 
  • - Drilling holes for the pins 
  • - Holding object in place for peening
  • This tutorial can be made in a standard smithing workshop. You will need:
  •  - Silver or any metal of your choice

You will receive :

  • -- 32 Pictures and illustrations
  • -- 16 Pages of detailed instructions
  • -- Bench tips on tools and techniques
Placement of pin for soldering on relief object
Placement of pin for soldering preparation.
Relief object - peened pin barely visible
Peened pin is barely visible.

This tutorial shows how to attach a flat object, in this case a letter, to another flat surface so that the letter stands in relief to the parent surface by way of soldering pins and peening to parent surface.

This method is very handy when one is unable to solder the object to the parent surface.

For instance, if the background was made of titanium, or had elements incorporated into it like enamel or organic materials that can't take heat.

Dolphin attached with peened pin on ring

Another example where the pin was soldered to the dolphin with blued titanium layer and the pin peened to the ring. 

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