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Valve Tool To Flatten Metal Plate

Making Your Own Tool To Flatten Metal

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DIY valve tool to flaten metal plate and rings

There are machines that will flatten a piece of plate if it warps during annealing or rolling.
These are quite expensive.
A cost effective solution is to visit your local garage and ask for some old engine valves.
Be sure to ask for ones that are not sodium filled, which some valves are to make them lighter.
One wants the solid plain valves.

Using 2 sizes vales on the bench to flatten metal

Here are two valves that I use.
The small one comes from a car and the big one came from a tractor engine

I used an angle grinder to cut them shorter.

Gold refining purify process divide gold in portions

One thing that MUST be done it to anneal the tip of the valve.
The steel is hardened and it will chip and send out a sliver of metal at high velocity when it is hammered.
Annealing solves this problem.
Simply heat the tip of the valve to bright orange and allow to air cool a you are done.

DIY Tool for metal flattening bottom of the valve is flat

Also check that the valve has a flat bottom. Some valves have a concave bottom.

Hitting the valve with a hammer to flatten silver plate

This is how to flatten silver plate on a metal block and hitting the valve with a hammer.

Valve tool is also used to flatten ring in doming block

Here I am using a valve to make a ring into a domed shape in my Making a Domed Ring tutorial.

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