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How to Make a Basic Panel Ring - Part One

Making a Basic Panel / Plate Ring - Part One  - US$18

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How to make a basic panel ring

This tutorial will teach you in precise detail and easy to follow steps and shows you:

  • - Forging of the shank
  • - Accurate solderering
  • - Filing and polishing
  • This tutorial can be made in a standard smithing workshop. You will need:
  •  - Metal : silver or gold or other

You will receive :

  • -- 24 Pictures and illustrations
  • -- 14 Pages of detailed instructions
  • -- Bench tips on tools and techniques
Scribing the ring shape on plate
Scribing a guide mark for piercing
Sizing the plate ring
Sizing the ring

In this jewelry lesson I will demonstrate the making of a panel ring, also known as a plate ring. This tutorial needs you to be familiar with basic goldsmithing techniques. These rings are an industry standard in many different shapes and sizes. These days it is easy to pick up the phone and order one to size from a supply company, but making one is a good skill to have, as this tutorial will show.  They are normally open/hollow, but can also be closed/hollow, in which case they are quite heavy. I am going to make a closed/hollow one and show how an open one would be completed. Makeing a panel ring part one is en excellent starting point for a metalsmith apprentice. After mastering the basics of the plate ring your progress to the next level of making a decorative panel ring.

Free Tutorial
After completing you project, you can go a step further by Making a Rubber Mold of your Panel Ring in this free tutorial.

Making a rubber mold for jewelry casting

Making a rubber mold. 

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