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Rivet Helper - Jewelry Making Tool Tip

Peening Rivets Made Easy

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It is well worth to spend a hour or so to make this tool, because it saves a lot of time and effort and makes riveting much easier.

Rivet Helper Tool Tip

I made myself this little tool to help
with peening rivets in general.

It's simple to make.
A 5 mm or 6 mm mild steel rod is filed
to a point, then the point filed off

Rivet Helper Steel Tip Indentation

Then a 2 mm ball frazer is used to make an indentation in the flat tip.

I also polished the inside.

Here is a close up of the concave tip.

Rivet Helper peening trimmed pin

Trim the rivet pin that has a ball on one end slightly proud. Place piece on the Rivet Helper as shown.

Peening rivet using a Rivet Helper

The pin ball is placed into the tip and
then the pin is peened over using a small ball hammer.

The spring tweezer is just for illustration, normally one would simply
hold it by hand.

When the pin is tapped to peen it over,
the ball stays round and does not shift
out of the way.

Rivet Helper Jewelry Making Tool Tip

The pointed piece of steel is simply
fitted into a 6 mm hole drilled halfway into the steel base.

I can remove it easily to accommodate
different shapes and sized points for
different sized rivets.

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